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The Free Comedy Show (Bronze Package)​​


Known in the industry as open mics. Several comedians use these shows to work on new material, or polish existing acts.There is little or no charge to the venue. A business gets exposure and potential new customers; comedians get a place to practice. Free venue promoting on social networks.


(Great for bars, taverns, restaurants, and coffee shops during weekdays.) ​​





The Pro Comedy Shows (Silver Package)


A professional comedy show will consist of comedians with years of experience. They'll bring their "A" game with a proven track record, having performed hundreds of successful events. The Headliner of the show will be an established comedian, having performed at major clubs for several years. They may possess TV credits, and/or awards. The charge to the venue can range anywhere between $500 to $4000. 


(Great for Fundraisers, Corporate, Holiday Parties, Restaurants, Taverns, Family Functions, Religious Ceremonies, Schools, Retirements.​) 



The Premier Comedy Show (Gold Package)​​​​


A Premier comedy show consists entirely of comedians that have headlined in major clubs having at least 10 years experience. The Headliner of this show will be a Nationally recognized comedian with TV, awards, and/or film credits. The charge to the venue can be anywhere from $4000 and up.


 (Excellent for Fundraisers, Corporate, Holiday Parties, Restaurants, Religious Ceremonies, Colleges, Retirements.​​)


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